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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Do you hear the siren call of summer?
Do not strap yourself to the mast or put wax in your ears
Instead, dive head first into the waters
You will not drown
You will be born up by the waves of luxurious daylight
And the mermaids of Midsummer will comb your hair.

Lay upon the sun-warmed earth
Arms outstretched.
Weave flowers in your hair,
Eat berries, drink mead
Wander in the warm summer nights
While fireflies light your path.

For this is the briefest of seasons;
Here and gone again
Like a thunderstorm.
The warm smell of earth
Carried away on the tempestuous wind.

Do not turn away,
Do not hide beneath the sheltering trees
Fearful of the lightning.
Stand in the meadow
And feel the warm rain on your upturned face.

Our lives are as the grass of the summer meadow;
Grow tall,
Salute Apollo while you may,
And dance to the sound of thunder.

Brigit Thomas, June, 2012